Education and Vocational Training

In addition to being recreation spaces, public parks should also help improve people’s lives. And in devising his plan, Kevin placed youth vocational training at its center.

By constructing an education center on the South Buffalo parcel that will hold Jack Nicklaus’ new signature design – just steps away from a restored Olmsted Arboretum – each of these new public amenities will serve dual purposes: a) provide bucolic setting and affordable recreation for Buffalo residents, and b) act as outdoor “classrooms” for instructing inner-city youth in vocational skills, including land and water conservation, botany, course maintenance, agronomy and dendrology.

Some 150 years after Frederick Law Olmsted gave birth to his Buffalo parks, and one decade into our city’s rebirth, Olmsted’s creations are in need of assistance.

With a Nicklaus-designed public course, revived Arboretum, improved Delaware Park course, restored Meadow, and an education center to help lift our city’s youth, our mission is to help propel Buffalo into this new century.